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Posted by Methylated on January 01, 2009

Trying and failing is a good way to gain experience, but it’s a waste of time and money if you’re not actually trying new things or improving your techniques. So how do you learn new things? Well, if you don’t have a friend willing to take you on at his protege, or you can’t spy on a super affiliate, you’ll have to resort to finding the info yourself, either from forums or blog, or (what I recommend), books.

Many newcomers avoid reading ebooks simply because they believe the “all ebooks suck” myth. It’s true that **99% of them do suck**, but there are a few invaluable gems available. I personally have not read many ebooks (simply because, again, most suck), but a few that I highly recommend are listed below.

Along with specific books for PPC/AM, I suggest reading general copywriting/ad writing books, especially if your ad copy sucks. Some other things I suggest reading up on are selling, consumerism, and anything insightful about the mindset of a consumer, be it online shoppers or off.

It’s important that you actually try to implement what you’re reading.

## Ebooks
* [Affiliate Project X](#) by Chris McNeely
- [Adwords Miracles](#) by Chris McNeely
* [Day Job Killer](#) by Chris McNeely
- [SEOBook](#) (good, even if you’re not doing organic seo)

## Books
* [The Adweek Copywriting Handbook](#) by Joseph Sugarman
- [Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide](#) by Tim Ash
- [Writing Web Copy that Sells](#)
* [Call to Action](#)
* [The Science of Shopping](#)


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