Motivation. It’s What’s For Lunch.

Posted by Methylated on January 01, 2009

##There’s no secret to success##
Starting a business in general is very hard work. It requires making sacrifices, learning how to manage your time, taking risks, working long hours, failing countless times, and of course, the actual tedious work.

It’s a lot easier, laid back, and probably more fun to work nearly any 9 to 5 job than to spend money and hundreds of hours, just to make back $2 in AdSense. This is when people quit. First important thing to realize is that this is exactly what’s going to happen, for a very long time.

##Things you don’t believe, yet##
- You don’t have ADD. Your attention span is as good as 99% of humans.

- You aren’t the only person who can’t get things done. Most people can’t, and this is why self-help books will always sell well.

- You don’t know how to manage your time. This is not something we’re taught, and unless forced to (rare), most people never pick up this habit.

- You can’t multitask. There’s no such thing.

- You aren’t the only one that **Thinks** but doesn’t **Do**. The 1% of people that Do are the successful ones.

- You can become a millionaire if you wanted to. You can own a Ferrari and an island. But only until you start believing you can’t.

- You can do something and not be productive. Doing=productive is a mentality procrastinators and nearly everybody else has in some severity. You can work 18 hours a day for two years straight, and you would not have accomplished much if you didn’t do the 5 hours of work you were supposed to do.

- You have more ideas than you can implement. And that’s OK. Focus on getting 1% of them out and you’re ahead of most people.

##If you don’t start right this moment, you never will##
Humans can rationalize anything. Any of us can go out right now, and murder 10 children, and we can all rationalize it to ourselves eventually. It’s a survival mechanism.

Your intellect will probably be your biggest distraction. You can always find an excellent reason not to get something done. You end up pushing things aside because you don’t feel like doing them. But you assume that you WILL feel like doing them **later**. Later comes, and of course, you don’t feel like doing it, so you push it aside again. Here’s a basic scenario we’ve all been through:

__(I get idea)__ I will start this project on the weekends. I have no time now. I’m a full time student.

__(School)__ I need to study for a final. After finals I can begin.

__(Break)__ I need to sign up for next semester, and find a part time job to pay for it. I’ll start after that.

__(Found a job)__ I need to work to pay for college. I’ll start after I get enough money to pay for this semester at least.

__(Semester starts)__ I have no time because of school. I will start during my vacation (or when I graduate if it’s coming up)

__(After graduation)__ I’m too busy finding a job, after I’m settled I can begin working on it.

__(After landing a job)__ Let me just get used to this job and living on my own, then I can relax and focus on the project.


If you find a reason to avoid doing something right this moment, you will always find a reason to avoid doing it. You avoided it in the first place due to the fact that it probably sucks. It will never not-suck. Taking out the garbage? Homework? Writing a blog post? Linkbuilding?

##Other people will talk, but never do##
You will notice that you only depend on other people because you’re hoping they would motivate you to get going. This almost always results in a deadlock. See the Dining Philosophers Problem.

##There’s no such thing as luck##
__Luck__ means that countless events took place which resulted in a specific outcome. If you were to artificially alter the properties that came about to create the result, you can recreate this result again and again. Using a time machine and going back and living life EXACTLY the same as you had lived it the first time, the exact same scenario would occur.

Another way to put it would be to say that when you crumble up a piece of paper, the folds are random. Are they? No. If you had measured the force applied to the paper, exact gravity and electrical field, exact hand shape, and so every other possible factor, you could (in theory) recrumble the paper exactly the same way.

I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, but being positive and actually putting in the work, is far more productive and likely to make you successful than just brushing off every single success story as luck.

##Your ideas suck. Copy others.##
We think we know how things work, and on top of this image in our heads, we can make assumptions for what would become popular (“oh shit, this idea is gonna make me rich!”) and what would fail, but most of our ideas fail. They fail because we have no experience and therefore cannot predict the outcome of an event as accurately as somebody in the industry.

Nearly every idea you have, will not go further than a single sentence in a textfile or scrapbook. And out of the ideas that you do pursue, almost all of them will fail miserably.

This can be because you underestimated the amount of work involved, or you made wrong assumptions about your product or demographic, or the idea just ended up not being feasible. A lot of times many excellent ideas fail just because they aren’t ready for the market. Other times the most idiotic ideas go big (I Can Haz Cheezburger is garbage. Nobody could have predicted it would get anywhere).

##What to expect##
Making sacrifices. This means cutting down on your job hours, hanging out with friends, or doing anything recreational.

- Whatever motivation and enthusiasm you have will die very quickly, no matter what the project is. This is important because nublets tend to let go of ideas altogether when they get the “eh, what was I thinking, that’ll never work…” feeling a few days after being excited about something.

- **Long hours** You will work your ass off at your job, and come home tired, and then you’ll stay up for 5 hours working on your projects, which will probably consist of 4 hours trying to fix one tiny problem, and after the project is done (it won’t be), it will probably fail. If this doesn’t cause you to quit, you’re doing **very** well. Keep it up!

- The stress, stimulant abuse, and sleep deprivation, will take a serious toll on you physically and mentally. You will be psychologically FUBAR

- Things will always take much longer than expected. Simple tasks that should have taken 20 minutes will take 2-8 hours. This **always happens** by the way, for numerous reasons:
- Programs will fail to install.
- Programs will have dependencies.
- Dependencies will fail to install.
- Hard drives die, and ISPs go down.
- Work is underestimated.
- Manpower, energy, and/or time, are overestimated.
- Personal issues come up.

- Most people won’t support you. This is especially true if you’re taking big risks or making big life transitions (deciding to drop out of college).

- Most people you depend on or plan to work with will disappoint you. Most of the time they won’t even get started. See note below about depending on others.


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