Making Money Selling E-Books

Posted by Methylated on August 04, 2012

Can you make money just selling what you know? Maybe.

When most people hear the word “ebook”, they imagine having to write a table of contents, an entire 250-500 page book, along with designing a back and front cover. Perhaps the book would require illustrations too. In reality, it’s more accurate to imply that “ebook” just means a words you’ve written that somebody can read on a screen or print out. The closer you aim for writing a real book in terms of content, the closer you are to building a lasting quality product. This means the book becomes 80% research and 20% writing or illustrating.

Authoring an ebook is no more work than writing text, putting the title in big letters on the “cover page” along with your name or alias and diving your content into logically defined parts. Start with talking about the topic, make some points and then dive into each point in a separate “chapter.” Don’t flake on the content and you might make a few sales.

Actually know you what you’re talking about. Sell your knowledge.

Don’t write get-rich-quick scheme such that the point of the book distills to “do exactly what I did.”

You can make your book interactive using Adobe Indesign, or you can use anything from Microsoft Word to Adobe Acrobat to export to PDF. I don’t recommend anything other than PDF because of its strong portability. I’ve seen “ebooks” come in .txt or .doc files.


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