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Posted by Methylated on January 01, 2009

Create a new [Gmail](http://gmail.com/) account and register for some popular newsletters. This helps you figure out what bloggers and marketers are pushing, sometimes ahead of everyone who’s not subscribed to the list, and gives you copywrite and promo study material. You’re going to get a LOT of educational **spam** so again, don’t use your own email address.

Here are a list of newsletters you can sign up for. It might seem like a lot but it doesn’t take too long. Just paste your new email into each one and within a few days you’ll have more than enough copy data to study.

## Form is usually on the top/right and asks for firstname and email ##
- [Steve Pavlina (Good copywriting/niches)](http://stevepavlina.com)
- [CashTactics](http://cashtactics.net/)
- [CDFNetworks](http://cdfnetworks.com)
- [Rosalind Gardner](http://www.netprofitstoday.com/support/)
- [NickyCakes](http://nickycakes.com)
- [Copyblogger](http://copyblogger.com)
- [Shoemoney](http://shoemoney.com)
- [Dosh Dosh](http://doshdosh.com)
- [John Cow](http://johncow.com)
- [John Chow](http://johnchow.com)
- [Super Affiliate Mindset](http://superaffiliatemindset.com)
- [Zac Johnson](http://zacjohnson.com)
- [Full Tilt Blogging](http://fulltiltblogging.com)
- [Uber Affiliate](http://uberaffiliate.com)
- [Directory of eZines](http://www.directoryofezines.com/)
- [Thinkseer](http://www.thinkseer.com/blog/)

### There are countless others. Got any you recommend? [Contact me](/contact)! ###


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