Ultimate Affiliate Marketing / SEO Glossary 3

Posted by Methylated on January 01, 2009

This is obviously Work-In-Progress

Autoresponder=An application that automatically responds to an email, instant message, text message, or any other form of communication, though it is usually referring to email responses. More advanced autoresponders have features such as scheduling responses, responding based on initial message, or split testing messages between groups of recipients.

Demo=Short for demographic, or audience.

White Label=See Host and Post

Media Buyer=Media in this context refers to ad space on a site. A Media Buyer is one who negotiates with a webmaster or agency to buy ad space on a site.

Direct Response (DR)=

Insertion Order (IO)=

Media Kit=

Rate Card=

Advertorial=This not-so-new type of advertisement is made to resemble an essay or an article, with the intention of appearing to have more authority than a standard ad. This is commonly seen in magazines, and now online, where it is uncommonly known as a farticle, or fake article.


Farticle=Fake article – See Advertorial.

WSO=Rehashed Information Sold on Warrior Forum

Media Planner=

Ad Planner=


Yield Optimization=

Run of Site (ROS)=

Run of Network (RON)=

Contextual Targeting=

Behavioral Targeting=

Pay Per Post=

Pay Per Tweet=


Co-Reg / Co-Registration Leads=Coreg leads are leads obtained simultaneously when a user is registering for another product. For example, a user signing up for a mailing list who may check a box for additional information on another product, is signing up as a coreg lead for that product. Co-registration leads are sometimes sold to marketers in the form of subscriptions to your mailing list. Your mailing list is piggy-backing on another (or multiple) lists.

Host and Post=Refers to creating and hosting a landing page yourself, and then sending the data (POSTing) from the form on that landing page to the advertiser; Also known as White Labeling or Deep Linking. The “deep link” is a link to the checkout page.

User Generated Content (UGC)=Any content that is generated by the user rather than by the machine. Some examples include reviews and comments, wiki pages, forum posts, etc.

Earnings Per View (EPV)=Synonymous with PPC’s Earnings Per Click, this refers to the amount earned per view.


ACRU=Active Confirmed Registered User (eBay Partner Network, EPN). When a user signs up, confirms their account, and places a bid.

Bing=Formerly known as MSN Live Search.

AZN=Azoogle Network


Cost Per Order (CPO)=Total or specific cost for fulfilling an individual order. A $1,000 ad campaign that yields 5 sales means the Cost Per Order is $200. A $1,000 ppc campaign that yields 1000 sales means the CPO is $1.

QCP=Quality Click Pricing (eBay Partner Network, EPN). See announcement on the EPN blog.

CRU=Confirmed Registered User (eBay Partner Network, EPN). When a user signs up and confirms their account. If they bid within 30 days, they become an ACRU.

Payout=Amount earned per lead or sale from an offer. Usually refers specifically to the affiliate’s cut. On many networks, if you’re pushing a high volume of leads, this number is negotiable.

Scale / Scaling=Expanding a campaign

Social Media=Vague term that refers to sites that provide user information in real life, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Hi5, etc. May also refer to the Social Network advertising platform SocialMedia, which uses a PPC model to display ads on Facebook and MySpace applications.

Tracking=Refers to using apps and/or other parameters (log files, query strings and other data) to determine the performance and status of a campaign. A campaign can be tracked extensively, giving you info such as the demographic, type of individual user (browser, country, time of day, etc), keywords used, or just tracked in terms of how profitable the campaign is. Also see Google Analytics and Prosper 202.

PPC-Coach=Paid Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing forum.

Campaign=A project or work with an intended goal. A marketing campaign usually has a list of strategies and tactics, with an expected end result (profit!)

Landing Page=Usually referred to simply as “LP,” a landing page is where the visitor reaches after clicking your link in the search engine. This term is sometimes used interchangibly with Bridge Page.

Ad Copy=The words (either written or spoken) used in an advertisement; The body of the ad.

Adwords=Google’s advertising network: Official Site

Analytics=This may refer specifically to Google Analytics or to any web analytics programs (Quantcast, Mint, etc). These programs are used to record and analyze web page statistics such as visitors, Bounce Rate, pageviews, etc..

Conversion Path=A path laid out on the landing page that takes the visitor to a more specific landing page. Could be as simple as a question that asks the prospect to choose between two options, each going to a different landing page.

Conversion Rate=A ratio of clicks vs conversions. A 10% conversion rate means that out of every 100 visitors, 10 will [convert][#conversion]

PPC=See Pay-Per-Click

EPC=See Earnings-Per-Click

LP See Landing Page

YSM See Yahoo! Search Marketing

CJ See Commission Junction

CB See Clickbank

Clickbank=A marketplace for buying and selling intangible products (software, ebooks, etc): [Official Site][http://clickbank.com]

CTR See Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate=Also known as Click-Through Ratio

SEO See Search Engine Optimization Adsense

CPA=See Cost Per Action

CPC=See Cost Per Click

QS=See Quality Score

Quality Score=A score between 1-10 given to your landing page in Google Adwords. The score is an average of several different factors and have a big influence on your Cost-Per-Click. Generally, a higher relevancy = higher quality score = lower cost per click.


Keyword List


Lead=A lead is a connection between a prospect (customer) and a merchant (retailer). It can be an email submission, a big form to fill out, or any other means by which the prospect can gain more information about a product or a merchant. This is not to be confused with a sale, in which the prospect buys a product or a service. These generally have a higher Conversion Rate because they don’t require the user to submit a CC number.

Affiliate Network

Rate of Return=See Return-of-Investment

Return=See Return-of-Investment

Rate of Profit=See Return-of-Investment

ROI; ROR=See Return-of-Investment

AM=May mean Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketer, or Affiliate Manager, depending on context.

Return Of Investment=The amount…


Ebook=Electronic book. An intangible book. May or may not be available in print. Usually distributed in PDF format, but doesn’t have to be.

Keyword Destination URL

Display URL

Direct Track / Directtrack=A popular third party Affiliate Network Service. Used by big names such as Copeac and Ads4Dough


Tracking Pixel

Third-Party Tracking Pixel

Tracking URL

ToS=Terms of Service

Dynamic Keyword=The keyword the prospect used to find the ad, inserted/passed to your landing page automatically by the ad network (such as Adwords or YSM)


Guerrilla Marketing

WF=Short for the Internet Marketing forum WickedFire

DP=Short for the Internet Marketing forum Digital Point

Contextual Link=A text link used between other words, like this link.

CPM=Cost Per Impression, or Cost Per Thousand (1000 impressions)



Suppression List=A list of email addresses of users who have opt-out of receiving ads from a specific network or for a specific offer. This is necessary for CAN-SPAM compliant mailing.

Commission Click Fraud Blog Affiliate Link / Affiliate URL Real-time Tracking Affiliate Agreement Affiliate Manager

Above The Fold=

Keyword Density=The ratio a specific word is used with other words. If the word “pie” has a keyword density of 5% in paragraph X, it is used 5 times within every 100 words.

Prosper202=A free, open source, standalone version of the [Tracking202][#tracking202] tracking software: [Official site][http://prosper202.com]

Tracking202=A hosted tracking service. Standalone is available as [Prosper202][#prosper202]

Cookie Stuffing

Meta Tags

h1 / header tags

Multi-Level Marketing






Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Sale

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Recurring Commission

Reciprocal Linking

Keyword Tool




Super Affiliate

Linkbuilding / Link Building

Do Not Follow / donotfollow

Do Follow / dofollow


Text Link

Bounce Rate

Tier-two PPC Networks

Unique User



Host (sometimes referred to as ‘Web Host’)

Managed Hosting

Unmanaged Hosting

Domain name (may be referred to as just ‘domain’)




Hostgator=A popular hosting company, particularly for shared hosting. Official Site

VPS=Short for Virtual Private Server. This is basically a dedicated server as far everyone is concerned, but shares hardware with other clients on the system. Each client has their own portion of the system’s resources, and each is given complete access to these resources, including choice of OS (usually) and apps running on the server. This is a good compromise between the limitations shared hosting suffers from, and the hefty price Dedicated Hosting generally goes for.

Dedicated Server




Publisher=Another name for an Affiliate. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in affiliate marketing, there’s a good chance you are or plan on being, a publisher.


Charge Back



Cost Per Order (CPO)



Double Opt-in





Performance-based Marketing


Google Slap

Tracking Code

Minimum Bid



Coding / Programming





Customer Bounty

Google Cash=The name of an ebook and method which was one of the first to describe affiliate marketing with PPC advertising with [Google Adwords][#adwords]. It used Direct Linking and may now refer to the technique of Direct Linking.

Direct Linking


Social Network


Hit=A visitor to your website. “I got 3000 unique hits today!” means “I got 3000 new, unique, visitors to my site today!”


Brick-and-Mortar Business



AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

ADIAS AIDA + Satisfaction

Social Bookmarking

SERP=Short for Search Engine Results Page.

Search Engine Results Page

Search Marketing

PPC Coach


Keyword Elite


Google Dance Presumably it’s during an update of some sort(or sometimes it’s just random), but there’s no rhyme or reason to it that’s discernible.



Supplemental Links



TSPR Topic Sensitive Page(the thing) Rank

Sitewide Link

Google Bowling

Algo / Algorithm

inbound link

outbound link


Blog Farm

White Hat

Black Hat

Blue Hat

Grey Hat


WMW (webmaster world)

BHW (Blackhat world)

bad neighborhood >> better neighborhood >> money neighborhood.

Thin Site

Thin Affiliate Site


Scraped / Scraper / Scrapping

Spinning Content / Article Spinner




Fire sale (or Firesale) – Something going for a significantly discounted price, usually not for much profit, as in selling assets when going out of business (an “out of business” sale).





MySQL Injection




Parked Domain

Domain Parking





Parasite Hosting


WordPress=A popular blogging platform. Official site: [http://wordpress.org][http://wordpress.org]




Aged Domain

Quality Citations: (Aaron Wall)

PR Silo


Internal Link

Anchor Text Tunneling Anchor Text Tunneling… Site A => Site B => Site C if Site A links to Site B with the “widgets” keyword, and site B links to C with “widgets”, there is added benefits

Synergy Links

reciprocal link exchange

Link Authority




3 Way Linking

301 Redirect

302 Redirect


AJAX=Asynchronous Javascript And XML

Referer (Referrer)

Anchor Text

Peel-Away Ad



Whois Info


Slug=Synonym for Permalink

Pretty URL=Synonym for Permalink

SEO URL=Synonym for Permalink



Top Level Domain

Link Velocity


Content Management System

Page relevancy

Site Relevancy

Ping / Pinging

Uptime=Amount of time a computer has been on (”up”), minus any reboots. Uptime is important for web hosting, as any downtime on the host means your site is inaccessible.


MFA=Made For Adsense. A Made For Adsense site is a site that primarily contains AdSense ads, or that contains content but aims for the goal of getting the user to click Adsense ads. This can take the form of having content with an AdSense block that resembles the sites native layout.

YPN=Yahoo! Partner Network

EPN=Ebay Partner Network

TOS=Terms of Service

Keyword Density=A measurement of how often a keyword is repeated in ratio to every other word in the doc. For example, the word “blah” has a density of 10% in essay that is 1000 words long and has the word “blah” in it 100 times.

KD=Short for (Keyword Density)[#keyworddensity]

RPV=Short for (Revenue Per Visitor)[#revenuepervisitor]

Organic traffic=Traffic that comes naturally, from search engines. People finding your site via search, without your active promotion.

Payout=The commission or amount per lead you get for each conversion

PPV=Short for (Pay Per View)[#payperview]

Pay-Per-View=Raw is War

Content Network=A network of websites that display (relevant) ads. An example of this is the big network of sites that run Adsense. Enabling your PPC campaign on the content network will mean your PPC ads show up on revelant sites in the Adsense network.

Search Partners=Ads will show up on the results page of these other search engines that the specific SE you’re using is partnered with, usually meta-search engines like Dogpile.com or Mamma.com

Meta-Search Engine=A search engine that shows results aggregated from other search engines in its results page. Examples are Dogpile or Kayak.

Ask (or Ask.com, or Ask Jeeves)=The search engine that never was.

Placement Ads=A featured in (Adwords)[#adwords] to have your ads placed on categories of sites (football, etc), or specific sites (NYTimes.com, About.com, etc)

Revenue Per Visitor=An rough estimate of how much revenue each visitor is bringing in. Can be used to predict outcome of traffic fluctuations. RPV = Revenue / impressions.

Profit margin=Synonym for net profit

E-gold=Digital Gold Currency. A form of currency that fluctuates with the prices of gold, and backed up by gold. Everything is handled online, with no tangible gold being exchanged between members. Excellent for Money Laundering.

Drop Shipping=Having a product shipped directly from a manufacturer or supplier to a customer, bypassing the retailer. Amazon is an example of a drop shipper (or at least they in the beginning). Products you order from their are processed by them, but sent over to you by a drop shipper.

View-through Conversion Tracking – Tracks the number of conversions within 30 days after a user has seen your ad (saw ad once but did not click. came back 30 days later etc).



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