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Posted by Methylated on January 01, 2009

## Getting Accepted By a Network ##
The networks want your business, but also need to keep the scammers out, and there are A LOT of scammers. This means the networks are increasingly vigilant about who they accept. Here are some frequently asked questions:

### What site do I put down? ###
Not all Affiliate Marketing is done using [Pay-Per-Click](#). The network by default assumes you’re going to put their ads on your website(s). If you do have a site or two, put them in, but you can also just put in “N/A (PPC)” or hell, put up a page that explains your situation and link to that if you feel it necessary.

The networks don’t hate PPC/SEO. Admitting that you’re using PPC will not get you rejected. The network will understand that you’re going to direct link or create landing pages for the offers. In the comments section (if available), simply explain that you’re driving traffic to the offers using PPC and will be using multiple sites.

For pageviews or monthly hits, you may pull a number out of ass, (put in 50k), since the field doesn’t apply to you.

Ultimately the networks would prefer if you’re honest about your traffic sources, so there’s no need to go into any elaborate scheme to fake a website.

### What does _incentivized_ mean? ###
Most offers will be ***non-incentive***. This just means that you cannot give the user something in return (an incentive) for completely an offer. If an offer is non-incentivized for example, you cannot put down in your site, “click this link and put in your email and I will send you $1 with paypal.” If the offer can be incentivized, then by all means, go ahead and offer sex, drugs and money if you want. Remember Gratis, the dudes behind That site worked on the basis of giving users an incentive (ipod) to complete offers. Brilliant eh?

On the network sign up form, sometimes you’ll be asked if you plan on offering incentives. Answer honestly, but be prepared to go into detail about what you are offering users and where exactly you’re promoting specific products. Most people will choose NO for this field (if available).

### What do I choose for email/solo/opt-in etc? ###
The networks are usually hesitant about their offers being promoted via email. Opt-in means the user has agreed to receive email from you. To promote via email, you cannot send the offer to users who have chosen to opt-out of receiving further offers from that network. Without getting technical, NO you do NOT plan on promoting using email. Keep that blank or just hit ‘no’ where necessary.

### Is it mandatory/safe to put in my SSN? ###
Sometimes the SSN is mandatory on the sign up page, and other times it’s optional until your first payment. Your SSN is required for tax purposes and could probably give you some authority as well, since many scammers are overseas and will leave this blank.

In general, if the network is known and trusted, go ahead and submit your SSN. Sometimes it’s asked for on the tax form (usually page2 of the registration process), in which case it’s mandatory.

If the network doesn’t support SSL (left of toolbar is green or blue, and says certificate is valid, in Firefox, or a little yellow lock in IE), the connection isn’t secure and can be intercepted. Most networks do support SSL, and this really isn’t much of a problem unless you don’t trust that network (it’s new, unheard of, etc), or you have enemies.

### Is a phone interview necessary? ###
Most of the time, yes. But the word _interview_ makes it sound overly intimidating. When you pick up the phone, you’ll get a dude or dudette that will usually be your affiliate manager after you’re accepted. They will simply want to know how you plan on getting traffic to their offers, and your experience level with promoting/PPC etc. They won’t reject you for being a nub, nor for using PPC.

Common questions are, _Do you have a site you plan on using?_, _What kind of offers are you interested in?_, _Are you currently registered for any other networks?_, _Do you plan on using Social Media (MySpace, Facebook, etc)?_, _How did you hear about us?_ or _Who referred you?_

Your answers will probably be along the lines of: Yes I’m using PPC to send traffic to your offers. I’ll be using Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. I’m interested in weight loss and grant offers. I’m signed up with COPEAC and Ads4Dough. I’m new to Pay Per Click. I heard about you guys on [PPC-Coach]( or saw your link on [Digital Point](

### Application taking too long / No phone call ###
Don’t sweat it. If you get no response within 48-72 hours, just call them, or have a network rep haste the process. If you know anyone signed up for the network already, you can ask them to put a word in to their affiliate manager about your application (all they need is your email usually). But ***if it really bothers you or you’re in a hurry, just call them***. You’ll be accepted in 5 minutes.

### What if I get rejected/denied? ###
Usually no biggie. Call them up and they’ll almost always accept you on the spot (after asking some questions, see above). If you know an affiliate manager for that network, or you can get somebody (i.e., super affiliate) to vouch for you, you can go that route also. [WickedFire]( has a lot of network reps crawling about that can push your application through.

But, it’s easier if you just drop the fear and call them. They aren’t going to reject you because they hate your voice or because you’re a newbie.

### What if I’m inactive? ###
Networks hate this, but it’s common. Most of the time, nothing will happen if you’re inactive. Sometimes, your affiliate manager might give you a ring to see what’s up or if they can help in any way. Some networks might flag your account as inactive (or so I’ve been told) but it doesn’t do anything. If you’re worried, then just tell your manager that you’re going on vacation, or need some time off for another reason (no money, school, etc).

### How many networks should I join? ###
The more the merrier. At least diversify, and join most of the [popular networks](#).

## [Ready to join? See a list of Affiliate Networks](#) ##


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