Your First Attempt at PPC: A Basic Poll Campaign

Posted by Methylated on February 03, 2009

Using polls w/ PPC to make money is still profitable, but as always, it’s short term and gets tedious eventually. Nevertheless, it’s a basic technique, and a simple one to follow and implement if you’re just starting up with PPC. Here’s the basic outline of this common technique:

1) Create a poll landing page. The basic layout is having the question in big on top, and a picture in the center, with YES and NO buttons on the sides. The question is almost always yes/no but doesn’t have to be. The only rule is that its kept simple, i.e., true/false, agree/disagree, etc.

2) Find a few email/zip submit offers. You can try out other offers later on, but to begin, just find a bunch of email/zip submit offers related to your demographic. You wanna hook those up to your landing page and have them rotate to find the best converting offer.

3) Keyword Research! yay!

4) Launch campaign. At this point, the real work begins. You need to monitor your stats and constantly split test. Until you’re doing this, you might be losing money, or breaking even at best (unlikely). Split testing is what helps you remove the crud and make your campaign lean and focused on the clicks and keywords that are turning a profit.

5) Launch another! The amount of money you can make is really just dependent on how many (optimized) campaigns you have running. Being that these are short term (a week max), you’ll want to create as many as possible, as fast as possible.

(this will be updated with more details soon)


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