Ring Tones Mastered (garbage)

Posted by Methylated on January 18, 2009

NOTE From Zombie: I don’t remember where I illegally downloaded this from but it was apparently a 600 word .doc file “ebook” going around on Digital Point. The method s/he uses sucks, isn’t creative, is against most networks’ TOS, and is shady and immoral. Don’t do it. This is the type of stff that gives Digital Point and other forums a bad name. _Stop buying this shit!_

Quick Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the e-book. In this e-book you will find a black hat technique that is creative and profitable. Making money from it is quite simple; and requires no other experience. Not only that; but your earnings are well secure.

Step 1
For this method; we will be using COPEAC. As many of you should know; COPEAC is a well known affiliate network. It’s fairly easy to get accepted into also; they will just call you; answer a few simple questions and your in. Once you have an account at COPEAC; you may proceed to the second step.

Step 2
We want to focus on four cell phone offers that COPEAC provides. They are as follows:
*EXCLUSIVE* [X] – Glamtones (944)
*EXCLUSIVE* [X] – idoltones.us.com (2413)
Jamster – Mobile Games ++ (739)
Jamster – Top Realtones (FREE OFFER) ++ (741)

The campaign ID is right next to the title.

Each of those offers pay above $10 per pin submit; which is a fairly decent amount.

Step 3
Next you will find job websites. Any website where you can post jobs. I recommend:


There are many more Job sites; the more you can find the better it is. Also; high traffic job sites that charge per job posting will net you more revenue.

After you have an account at those three job places; you will submit the job listed in Step 5.

Step 4
Make a message such as:


We are a mobile phone ringtone company that is looking for participants who would like to make quick cash. We need our system to be tested on several participants to make sure that all is in check with the system. This will literally take about 10-20 minutes of your time; while we’ll send you a $300 check for the testing position. This requires no experience; and you can do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is to have a cell phone with text messaging enabled. If all goes smoothly with you; then we may decide to hire you for future testing; again, under the same terms. So; if you want to make some quick money; then send us an email; so you can get started!

Alright; so now you understand how we will round up them folks. Once they send you an email; your response will be:


Thank you for considering the position. We can begin the testing with you immediately. Basically, what we will do is provide you with our companies URL. You will enter your phone number. Once you enter your phone number, you will receive a pin code to your phone. What we need to do is to make sure that the pin code we send you matches with the one in our system. So you will take that pin and enter it on our companies’ website. You will be testing 4 of our websites for us.

So, just provide us with your cell phone number so we can start.

Step 6
Well now they should reply saying that they are interested. You will send them your FOUR affiliate URLs. Try to make them no look like affiliate URLS. They will sign up through all 4 sites, earnings you revenue. Once they do so; you just forget about them. No need to answer their emails anymore.

This method has a lot of potential and can easily make big money. The more job sites you have; the more money you can make. If you actually pay for listings at top job sites; you can get 30-50 interested people a day. So just multiply 30-50 x $40; that is a lot of money to earn a day. Copeac will pay you weekly if you reach a total of $1,000 weekly; which won’t be a problem. Not to mention that once they send out payment; they do not reverse it.

Thank you for reading this e-book; and good luck.


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