Marketing Your Custom Layout/Template Online

Posted by Methylated on August 27, 2012

Post your template on any or all marketplaces and forums that contain marketplaces. Be sure to read the item submission rules of each location to make sure you aren’t violating their rules by posting your layout in multiple places (unless you are posting it there exclusively.)

This includes the Envanto marketplace (i.e., ThemeForest), Digital Point, Warrior Forum, WickedFire, and SitePoint. There are new ones constantly popping up. Use your online marketing knowledge (aka your ability to use Google creatively) to find one new places to post your site or buy media space on a regular basis.

Create a small site rich in content about your layout/template in general. List it in different formats that apply to your layout to reach a wider audience. For a resume template, we may use HTML, PDF, ODT, INX (and other InDesign formats), DOC, and so on.

Once you have 4-5 templates on your site with a reliable support/payment system in place, begin finding places to buy media on to send traffic to your site. You may advertise it on Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, forums, Facebook and so forth. Who you’re going to advertise to will have to depend on who bought your layout’s existing templates. There’s a good chance that’s a good place to start, but this is very dependent on your product and many other factors. The key here is split testing as much as you can until you’re profitable, and then scale vertically or horizontally (or both.)


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