Having Trouble Finding Keywords? Zoom Out.

Posted by Methylated on May 16, 2009

When building your keyword lists, it’s easy to begin subconsciously thinking of your prospects and leads as keywords and phrases instead of real people. Keep in mind that you’re targeting a demographic, as opposed to specific keywords.

Don’t ask yourself what keywords would people looking for ProductX type into Google? — Instead, begin asking yourself what problems are people looking to fix, that ProductX might be a solution for?

Notice in the question that problems is plural. When targeting, aim much wider than the specific niche it caters to. You’ll be surprised what keywords end up converting.

(The following examples are simple, but effectively get the point across.)

If you’re targeting spyware, then there are likely many people who have no idea what spyware is, and are just looking for information on why their computer might be slow, or why their home page keeps changing every time they close IE.

What would somebody who might be interested in bizopp offers search for, besides “making money at home”? Perhaps a better job, or a professional resume writer. Maybe info on options for paying a tuition, or tips on how to save money.


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