Basics on Improving CTR

Posted by Methylated on February 03, 2009

Click-Through Rate (or Click-Through Ratio) has a big influence on your Quality Score, and is also something most beginners get wrong. One of the most common newbie mistakes is putting thousands of keywords into an adgroup, and then slapping on a couple of ads before running the campaign. If only it were that easy…

This is where beginners realize how tedious PPC Affiliate Marketing can get. To me, this was a paradigm shift when I was starting out, and really made me sit down and write quality ads and really dissect my keyword list.

Improving CTR is done by making your ad copy, keywords, and LP more relevant to each other. Aim to make your campaign layout like this:

* Lots of adgroups
* Each adgroup has a dozen keywords (max)
* Each keyword is exact or phrase search. No broad match!
* Each adgroup has multiple ads
* Each ad has the keyword in the title, ad copy and display URL (doesn’t need to exist)
* Each ad links to a landing page that has the keyword in the title and on the page

This makes your ads laser targeted for the keywords users are searching for. They’re more likely to click, and your CTR rate will shoot up, increasing your Quality Score and lowering your Cost Per Click.


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