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Posted by Methylated on January 01, 2009

Feel free to [email me]( any I’ve missed, or any you’ve done and would like added here.

_Most require being logged into [WickedFire]( to view._

- [Howto Create Ultra Targeted Ads and Highly Converting Campaigns](
- [CashTactics (Various)]( has some excellent video guides
- [How I Made $95,000 in 2 Months With Adsense Referrals](
- [Offline To Online Marketing Methods](
- [Second Attempt at PPC Affiliate Marketing (Green Tea w/ Adwords)](
- [Next Big Thing in Web 2.0 (Arbitrage)](
- [Full Disclosure Arbi Campaign - Niche, keyword list, ads, everything](
- [Stupidly Simple Cash Cow (Offline marketing)](
- [Recipe For a $200k/year Job (Offline Marketing)](
- [Affiliate Mini-Site Example](
- [Credit Card Arbitrage](
- [1 Month $10,000 Profit All PPC Challenge](
- [How to Make Millions with Debt Leads](
- [Making Money Dummies Guide](
- [Ad Blending and Fake News Placement Ads](
- [We Are Going to do An Arbitrage Test (OP Deleted)](
- [Facebook Case Study: Christian Dating](
- [Facebook Case Study: Christian Dating PART 2](
- [Easy Way to make $100K/year (Offline marketing)](
- [My First Real MoneyMaking Thread (Torrents)](


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