I began with selling media space on sites and apps I built as a hobby. It wasn’t until the “Free iPod” incentive offers did I get into affiliate marketing (defined in the context of this site.) I realized early on that this was something I could easily automate but left it at that. It wasn’t until I built a “Free iPod Dock” site that I found out the offers were coming from Commission Junction (CJ.com)

I ended up writing a script for these types of sites and attempted to promote some offers but at that point the market was saturated with these sites. I got offers to buy the script from a few people after I posted screenshots on a related forum. This is when I truly understood that the only people getting rich in the gold rush are the ones selling shovels.

I sold some scripts online but for the most part worked standard teenage jobs here and there. I didn’t fully grasp the potential of what I was doing until … (to be continued…)